10.8.1 to 10.9 Notifications widget no longer working

Probably easiest to see the screenshots:


Infinite spinner.


Bad request.


500 response.

Screenshot from Glowroot (couldn’t figure out how to correctly upload an exported trace):


Any info would be appreciated!

I think I know where it comes from. But I’m surprised it has appeared with the upgrade. I’ll work in it tomorow.

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Thanks! Here is a link to that exported trace:


Hope that helps,

It really does. This is not the error I was suspecting. Could you tell me how many notifications filters you have in your own profile?

I didn’t know what notification filters even are, but it looks like I have a lot. I am watching changes on the entire wiki, but I didn’t manually setup any of these. Here is a quick screen grab:


Out of curiosity, did a JIRA ticket get opened for this issue? If so, could you please link it here, I’d like to check it out. If not, would it help to open a ticket? I wasn’t sure if this was a bug when I posted the question on the forum. Thanks!

I’m actually having this same issue, which seemed to appear in my upgrade from 11.1 to 11.2. I’ll admit that I did miss the step to remove <mapping resource="eventstream.hbm.xml"/> from my hibernate.cfg.xml file, but that seemed to take care of itself after upgrading to 11.3 (because it’s not in there anymore).

I also had over 300 pages of filters (none of which I created manually). I deleted them all and imported the 11.3 Notifications xar file, but I still don’t get anything more than a spinning activity wheel when I check notifications.

For example, if I go to my user profile and click on “Show Activity” for a wiki, I get the spinning icon as if it’s loading, with /xwiki/rest/notifications?media=json returning a 500 error in my DevTools.

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