12.10.10 mvn compile failed

sorry,My English is not good.
I downloaded XWiki platform version 12.10.10, and the local compilation reported an error

I need help

This is the mistake reported before

This error suggests you are using a wrong version of Maven since all restlet dependencies are excluded from solr using a regex which support was buggy in old version of Maven (don’t remember exactly which version).

About this, see https://dev.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Community/Building/#HBuildRequirements

Right, and there is indicated

There’s a regression in Maven 3.6.2 (MNG-6713 fixed by MNG-6760) when using some regexes for dependency exclusions which makes the XWiki build fail on 3.6.2. We recommend to use 3.6.3+.