Add the `reposition` icon to the IconTheme



This movement icon was already used in the class edition mode, but as a resource under the name move, which is incompatible with our current move icon in the iconTheme, which is used as an icon for external links already. The way this was implemented meant that we could not use other icon themes than Silk for this icon.


Add the icon reposition to the icon theme while keeping the move icon in the resources for backwards compatibility. Map this icon in the FontAwesome 4 icon theme to the arrows.

Silklike icon: move
FontAwesome 4 icon:


Do you agree with the idea of adding such an icon to our IconTheme? The exact name could be a subject to discuss too.

I’ll close this discussion in one week, on the 3rd of July :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading,
Lucas C.



PR merged.
Thanks for your answer :slight_smile: