AI based tagging of pages

Hi @mleduc sir
pleasure to meet you sir this is Krishna kaushik
I am contributing on AI based tagging of the pages,
actually we are working on the collage project {document classification} an innovative approach for multimodal document classification using a Multimodal CNN architecture.
sir by any chance we can use it for Ai Tagging sir

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The topic is intentionally left open to allow applicants to propose their solution of choice.
Feel free to present what you have in mind on this discussion if you wish to discuss it before sending a proposal.

Thank You very much for reply sir @mleduc
I am good to discuss Sir
Sir we are going to publish a paper on the document classification sir
In depth
The proposed method uses a Multimodal Convolutional Neural Network (MCNN) that takes as input multiple modalities and learns to classify documents into different categories.
The MCNN architecture consists of individual convolutional layers for each modality, followed by a shared pooling layer, and a fully connected layer for classification.
We introduce a novel attention mechanism to weigh the contribution of each modality dynamically during the classification process.
In this paper, we employ a approach which uses both the visual and textual features. The documents are pre processed for extracting the image and textual features followed by training using VGG-16 text based classifier which classifies the documents into one of the various forms of document.
this is the whole view sir

thank you sir

So sir
The same technic can be used for the AI Tagging sir
like by using natural language processing (NLP) with deep learning for content tagging sir
can please guide me sir whether these way will work for the AI tagging sir
thank you sir