Annotating same content doesn't work

Hi, everyone.

I have two lines of the same content. When I commented on the second line and submitted it successfully, I found that the comment appeared in the same content on the first line.

Please see my screenshot, thank you.


Comments appear on the first line.


Indeed this is probably a limitation of the annotation algorithm. In order to be flexible and not break all the time the annotation algorithm doesn’t depend on a fixed position of the content and thus is tries to find the content that matches where it was annotated. Imagine that you insert other content at the same line or that you delete the content before or after the annotated one.

So in your case we would need to improve the algorithm. You could raise a jira issue at Loading... (you can check existing open issues).

Thanks for reporting

Thank you for your reply

I raise a jira issue at Loading...

Hope wiki is better :grinning: