Application Within Minute page layout customization


I want to change the look of the detail page: first of all, need a tabular structure, where the fields caption are located at the left field, not at above; and also want to use fonts, colors, formatting, etc.
Please, tell me it is possible?


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Ok, thanks for direction.
And the next question: due to this doc (, Bootstrap horizontal layout

is not supported by XWiki?

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Layout customization is possible by editing the ApplicationNameSheet file, except one big problem:
field Title is required (despite the fact that when you open the editor it is empty)
and when you enter any name it is override real titles values:
master list page:

detail entry page:

detail entry page in edit mode:

So, how to correctly edit the sheet file or make master-detail relationship by another way?


Workaround founded: export to xar > unpacking > raw editing AppSheet.xml > packing to xar > import > bingo:

But i think about more elegant solution…

It’s time to go through the full and thorny way of manually creating applications without any vizards :slight_smile:
Follow the steps of the article


Next, we want to remove the title for the newly created template:

  • Navigate to the FAQ.FAQTemplate document (you can click on the “View the template page (FAQ / FAQ Template)” link for doing that for example.
  • Edit this document in Wiki mode
  • Inside the Title field you have “FAQ Template” written - delete this text
  • Save&View
    This step is needed so that all of our future entries don’t have “FAQ Template” as their title.

However, it’s impossible to save a page with an empty title:


Only if you make the title mandatory in Wiki Administration / Editing / Edit Mode.

It’s extremely easy :rofl:
Thanks, Marius! :slight_smile:

However, I also found a true hardcore solution:

#if($ == 'YouExampleDoc')You Example Doc#{else}$services.display.title($doc, {'displayerHint': 'default', 'outputSyntaxId': 'plain/1.0'})#end