At login last opened page gets opened

Hi everyone,
when I login to my XWIKI, I don’t get redirected to the main page, but to the last opened page. I guess that it gets taken out of the cache. This makes it harder for me to test changes I try implement via velocity.
Is there an option to turn this off or do I have to reduce the timespan after which the cache refreshes?

Most of the time it’s not important but I’m trying to give different groups different starting pages. I tried it with this script:


{{display reference=“MyContent.IW”/}} #else {{display reference=“MyContent.NormalUserHome”/}} #end

I implemented this script in the page that should show up after login.
IW is taken from bin/view/IW/

I’m not sure if I did it correctly because of the cache problem.
Do you have any input regarding the problem or regarding my script?

Btw. it’s not restricted to pages opened by the user. I can login as a standard user and can see the last page that was opened by the last user. So potentially also the admin.

Thank you very much.