Automate Re-indexing


We are currently looking to use XWiki in a local offline production environment and wondered if anyone could help me with a quick question?

Is it possible to automate the re-indexing process? I have done a search across the forum and XWiki pages but I can’t seem to find any reference to this.

The only reference I can find was from these release notes:

For now, indexing is done only manually by using the Search Administration UI. Because of this, in order to get any search results, you have to go to Administration > Applications > Search and index/reindex the wiki. Any changes in the content of the wiki will not be searchable until you manually reindex. This limitation will be removed in future versions, once the feature matures.

Is this statement still correct?

Many thanks in advance,

SOLR Indexing is automatic now.

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Thanks for the fast response. So if I didn’t carry out that index action via the menu how often would a re-index be performed automatically by the system?

Why do you need to re-index exactly ? Or maybe what exactly do you call “re-index” ?

Right now any change to the wiki get automatically indexed right away so there is not real need to reindex everything.

Perhaps I’ve misunderstood how this function works but during testing we found that when articles are moved we needed to perform the reindex action before they would appear in the solr search. Is this normal behavior?

Depends what you call “article” and how this move is done. Moving a wiki page should update the index automatically like any other modification to wiki pages.

The indexing is asynchronous so you might have to wait a bit but usually not long (modifying a single page feel instant for example).

Fantastic! I think this answers my question.

Thank you both for your help.