Automatic CamelCase links

Is there any way of activating the feature (as stated on that CamelCase words are AUTOMATICALLY linked to existing pages, respectively new pages if they don’t exist yet?
thanks for your help!

Yes see

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately this leads to a problem. Basically I have a well working XWiki instance. As soon as I enable the line
rendering.transformations = macro, icon, wikiword
and restart the wiki instance, everything that is related to macros is not working anymore (wiki admin page, wysiwyg, macros inside pages etc.). If I disable again the line then everything is back to normal. I’m running xwiki debian 9.11, all components are up to date, wiki is running on tomcat8-mysql as per

any suggestions?

Hi sorry I’ve been busy on other stuff. So I’ll need to try it on my instance to see if it reproduces. I’m off my computer today but I’ll try to remember to do it in the coming days. Don’t hesitate to create a jira issue on for it. Thx

Ok I’ve just been able to test it on XWiki 9.11. The only error I got was that the WikiWord Transformation extension ( wasn’t installed by default in XWiki Standard so I had to install it using the Extension Manager (after that it worked fine).

But I didn’t get any of the problems you mentioned.

I’ve used the following config in

rendering.transformations = macro, icon, wikiword


  • Make sure you have the extension installed
  • Verify your config property
  • If you still have a problem please send us a screenshot + click on the red error message and paste the stack trace here.