Azure AD License

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I recently set up SSO with Azure AD, with the free trial of Microsoft Azure Active Directory Single Sign-On (SSO) (Pro). It was really easy, I just have one question. If I were to purchase the license would I be able to use it across all of our wikis (about 8)? I tried to reach out to xwiki sales but I have not heard a response.


If the 8 wikis are subwikis to the main wiki, then one license for your main wiki should be sufficient.

If you have 8 completely separate wikis, each with their own Azure AD configuration, then you would need 8 separate licenses. Each license is unique and associated with the main wiki’s instance ID.

BTW, I’m also employed with XWiki SAS, the company that maintains and sells the app, so you’ll also have received this response in your inbox. Posting it here as well though, as it’s a good question and other users might also be looking for an answer. :slight_smile:

@flux Please note that this forum and all of is providing community support on XWiki Standard and is not related to the paying extensions developed by companies, such as

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