Batch import of Office documents

Is there a way to import multiple Office documents in a batch? We have many Word documents and it would be
great if we could import them all into XWiki and then edit minor issues that may happen during the import.

While attaching them through File Manager would be an option, we would lose out on the power of links between documents, easy editing etc.

Hi, there’s no built in batch import at the moment. I could think of several ideas:

  • You could open a JIRA issue at for it and wait for someone to want to implement it for you (might take time but could still be nice to register your need/idea).
  • If you have development skills you could implement that and submit a Pull Request to integrate it
  • If you don’t have development skills but have some budget you could sponsor its development by asking one of the companies participating to the development of XWiki to implement it for you. See


XWIKI-14571 created for this request. Unfortunately I am not a developer and would be willing to help in testing/documentation etc.

Is there a recent solution for batch importing office documents, for non-programmers?

So [XWIKI-14571] Provide UI for batch import of Office documents - JIRA is still opened without any activity so I guess not.