Best approach/extensions/scripts to export Xwiki entire multipage/section/space for a book in the correct order to .odt (or pdf)?

Greetings. I am new to Xwiki, and evaluating it for a specific purpose. I setup our own server and have been using it for a couple weeks now on a daily basis. I was trying to find a complete replacement for GoogleDocs and Confluence and it seems an acceptable replacement. Now I have a specific use case I’m trying to solve, and beginning to wonder if it is viable with Xwiki or not.

It seems SO VERY CLOSE to what I’m trying to solve, but I am not quite able to get across the finish line. I hope folks here can provide some guidance on the best way to solve the following use case:

We have been collaborating with about 5 authors and half a dozen editors for various research and professional training manuals we’re publishing. This has been a horribly tedious and redundant process of passing around .odt files until finally finished and exported to PDF and sent to be published by publishing companies for printed books.

We are getting the desired books we want, but I am hoping we can find a more efficient approach to collaboration and export.
We have also tried GoogleDocs, Confuence, and similar approaches but they have not worked to save time because they jumble things so much.

Is it possible to make Xwiki meet our needs?

The collaboration part of Xwiki works great! No problems there. It is when we try to export to an .odt (preferred) (or PDF can live with if can get in right order and layout). All of the content for the book that we export falls apart because we can’t seem to get it to organize the export rules as desired.

We tried setting numbers for every single page, such as:

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Preface
1.2 Overview
2.0 Topic 1
2.1 Subtopic
2.1.1 Sub-sub-topic
3.0 Topic 2
3.1 Subtopic

This is working well for the collaboration and making sure the pages are in the right order, online, etc, but not helping with export.

Unfortunately, so far, when trying all the different export options, we either get only one page at a time (for 300+ page books this isn’t going to work to improve efficiency alas), or when trying the various multi page or entire space export options, they come out all jumbled like this:
2.1 Subtopic
1.0 Introduction
3.1 Subtopic

Is there a (documented step-by-step) method using any one tool, combination or tools/scripts, to properly export multiple sections with children in the correct order? Do the PDF Templates help with this?

I am also trying to use for some therapeutic clients for extensive paperwork we have to submit to their school districts for their special needs children. These documents are easily 100+ pages and have a lot of sections, subsections, and addenda, so the same issues are presenting in trying to turn the Xwiki section into a single, properly ordered PDF.

Thanks kindly! We also have 8 books we need to publish this year, and I hope XWiki can help us improve our collaboration to publication significantly. Is this feasible or are we trying to use the wrong tool for a completely incompatible use case?

Appreciate any guidance!

Hi @d2d!

What are the multi page or entire space export options you explored so far? If you found noticeable issues, could you report jira issues on the corresponding projects?

Another option to advance with your need would be to write a script to get all or a limited number of documents and render them in a single document. The you would be in the situation of exporting a single document as .odt but in reality you would have content of more documents.
Depending on the data volume, you may have some issues, but you still can give a try with 30-50 docs.

Hope it helps,