Cannot import XWiki (XAR)

Hi there, guys!

Cannot import from fresh XAR export, uploaded packages, but it just spins forever when I select package to import.
Quite frankly, this is first time using any software, when such a straighforward procedure is taking tremendous amount of time and is simply not working as advertised in documentation.
So, please advise, how to properly Import/Export from HSQL DB to fresh installed (both using version 10.11.8) MySQL DB XWiki ???

Hi resolver,

There might be an unexpected issue, unless the XAR you import is extremely large. How big is it? Does it unzip correctly on your hard drive (you may need to rename the extension to “zip”)? Can you let us know if the server is printing any error in its log file? Can you try with a smaller XAR and let us know how it goes?