Cannot set visibility or position for new menu in main wiki

I tested a top menu in a sub wiki and it worked well. I exported the wiki as xar and imported in the main wiki with visibility setting “global”. Top menu is now available globally as expected in main and all sub wikis.
Now i tried to limit the visibility to only show at the main wiki, but if try i edit the menu, there is no location or visibility dropdown anymore. Even if i try to create a new menu in main, the edit offers no dropdown at all. The same in every subwiki works very well.
User is member of global admin group. I checked the programming permissions, and is all the same in every wiki.
wiki 11.10.10
Any ideas why i can’t create a menu in the main wiki with visibility and location settings available?

Would be good to create a jira at with precise steps to reproduce the problem.

Now what you can try is to edit the menu page in object mode and set it from there. Maybe the class sheet has some checks but I don’t see what would be the reason off the top of my head.

Excellent hint, Vincent. In object mode i was able to set the visibility in UIExtensionClass 0 to “current wiki”, and it worked. So this solved my immediate Problem.
But i re-tested with new menu entries, and in a subwiki i can set location and visibility directly from edit mode, in the main wiki this is not available. I will open a jira ticket for this.
Thank you!

Just tested on XWiki 12.9 and it works fine for the main wiki as shown on:

Screenshot 2020-11-11 at 16.12.14

What I did:

  • Log in with Admin user which also has PR (Programming Rights)
  • Go to App Index, click on Menu
  • Click on Add New Entry
  • Select Global visibility and save
  • Edit the page again and set another visibility and save again.

So before you create the jira issue could you explain how I could reproduce?


Exactly the same like you i get if i create a new entry in a sub wiki, including the location and visibility scope dropdown.
But if i create a new menu with exactly the same steps at the main wiki, these dropdowns are missing (my main wiki is german, but this does not impact the result, i tested both language settings):
As you can see, no dropdown available. so i cannot set the scope nor location here.

Yes but what I did was on the main wiki… and it worked.

Could you tell me the permissions of your users when you try to create the menu on the main wiki? Can you try with a user having PR?


I’m member of XWikiAdminGroup with all rights including PR.
Same user in the main wiki as well as in the subwiki.

Could you check that your user can view this page on the main wiki: Menu.UIExtensionSheet?

I’ve checked the source code and I don’t see any permission check so the only reason I can imagine would be that your user cannot view that page and thus the display sheet would not display it:


{{html wiki='true'}}
#set ($discard = $doc.use('Menu.MenuClass'))
(% class='xform' %)
  ; <label#if ($xcontext.action=='edit') for='Menu.MenuClass_0_content1'#end>$escapetool.xml($doc.displayPrettyName('content1', false, false))</label>
  : $doc.display('content1')

{{include reference="Menu.UIExtensionSheet" /}}

or that someone deleted that page on the main wiki! :slight_smile:

If i create a page with that macro i can see the expected results (same at the main wiki as well as in a subwiki):

Menu Display Location
Specifies where to display the menu. The menu is displayed either horizontally or vertically, based on the chosen location.
Menu Visibility Scope
Specifies in which context the menu is visible.

What page do you mean what is maybe deleted at the main wiki?

This one:


Could you navigate to the page, on the main wiki, and tell if you can view it?

If you can then you need to edit Menu.UIExtensionSheet and add some text debug output to find where the problem is and why nothing is displayed when you edit a a menu page.


Whow, that was a fast reply.
I searched the Menu.UIExtensionSheet page in main and sub wikis. visible at both, with same content.
I will include some debug output and deep further into the problem, but as the issue is fixed by now this will take some more time (always interrupted by a lot of work to do…).
I will come back once i have new info or a solution.

i have the same problem. wiki is in german. I have no MENU DISPLAY LOCATION

Xwiki is V15.3