Class Editor broken - cannot add/edit class properties

Hello, My first post. I wasn’t able to find this problem on the forum or Jira, sorry if it belongs elsewhere.

I have a problem with the Class Editor:

When I go to the ClassEditor on any page, I click in the input field to add a Attribute/Property or the dropdown to select Type, the page immediately refreshes back to display view. It is impossible to add/edit class Attribute/Property on any a page.

e.g. this page http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/edit/Sandbox/WebHome?editor=class redirects to http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/view/Sandbox/ as soon as I click the input box or the dropdown list or anything else.

I have 3 installations of XWIKI (2x development/testing - versions 9.7, 9.6 & one for production = version 9.6) they all behave in the same way both in Chrome and Mozilla. I am using an administrator account with full rights and standard Flamingo skin.

What am I missing?? Please advise.

hmm never heard of this… this is strange. Does it reproduce on

Thank you for the reply. No - the playground xwiki behaves as documented. Fresh install on a virtual machine is OK too.

All my test-system snapshots since June behave wrong, so:

  • this is something I must have broken during my initial setup/customization months ago
  • it is something I bring in during the XAR import of my content into a fresh xwiki

I will have to try splitting content imports into small chunks at a time to see what breaks it.

Just to provide some leads if this ever happens to anyone…

My problem was located/linked in a file called XwikiPreferences.xml - If I run an import of all my content into a freshly installed xwiki, but I exclude XwikiPreferences.xml, my problem goes away.

This is still true after I pick my customized skin and run a few basic settings from fresh. I will keep looking to replicate, but there is about 75 000 lines of xml to go through :slight_smile:

Final update: the problem with class editor exists in the language pack for Czech. Once I set the Default Language to Czech the above behavior can be observed.

@roman I’ve been able to reproduce the problem with XWiki 9.8.1 by setting the language to Czech. Do you think you could raise a jira issue at Loading... so that someone can look into it? Thanks for reporting!

Thanks for reporting. Fixed! see Loading...