Client Side PDF Export custom css


Is there a method to add custom css used for Client Side PDF Export?
Currently, the css used for my xwiki have body font color set as white and the new Client Side PDF Export exports the text in the white color.

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I don’t know (@mflorea would know) but I’d check PDF Templates and try to create one to see what can be configured.

Oh, I think that fixes the issue. Thanks!

The default PDF template tries to preserve the styles from the wiki as much as possible, but since the “paper” is white (normally) you can have issues. We could force the color to black in the default PDF template, but this means loosing the color from the skin / color theme which might look OK on white paper. So ATM your best option is to create a custom PDF template as per PDF Export Application ( .

I do not know why it did not work for me, probably I had tomatoes on the eyes :-).
Anyway, it works as it should!

Thanks again, and thanks for the clarification

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Thank you for the helpful link!