Confused about stale dependencies

A few extensions refuse to upgrade, but I cannot tell why nor figure out how to help them along. Check out the following image:

45 PM

The migration wizard is telling me these versions are being retained as a dependency, but not of what. The Blog Notifications API is particularly strange as I thought I removed the Blog extension.

How can I figure out how to upgrade or remove unneeded extensions?


To remove an extension you need to go to the administration, Extensions and select “Installed Extensions”. Now on the why you have this extension: this is a dependency of the “Blog Application” that you probably uninstalled as you said but when you uninstall an extension the dependencies are not removed (they might still be used for themself). Same comment for the “Blog API” indicated as being installed: this is a dependency of the “Blog Application” too.

Now on the upgrade I’m not really sure what is your issue exactly. Did you actually clicked “Upgrade” and got an error ? This screen is supposed to list you only compatible extensions (at least from Extension Manager point of view).

You were absolutely right about the Syntax Highlighting, that one upgraded no problem. So my problem is just with the Blog Notifications API. Here’s what happens when I try to upgrade:

04 AM

However, I did find that Blog API and Blog Application were also installed. Uninstalling Blog API seems to have uninstalled the other two extensions, so I guess I am set! Thanks for the help.

Yes this version is not compatible with XWiki 9.5+. After 9.4 the Blog application moved to Contrib and the id changed which is why it’s not found automatically so if you want to blog you will need to go to Extension Manager and install the latest version.

Excellent, I figured I got stuck in some kind of deprecation scenario. Thanks for your help!

Yes this one was not an easy one. It’s kind of a combination of the worst case scenarios…