Connexion error. Failed to get the list of flavors

I ran into this error message when initially going through the Distribution Wizard.

I therefore started my install off as an empty wiki and then manually uploaded the admin ui, extension ui, and then installed the common flavor.

Everything seems fine except now when I go to …/WikiManager/CreateWiki I once again get the “Connexion error. Failed to get the list of flavors” message and of course no list of available flavors populates.

I tried doing an internet search for the message, but did not find much. Could someone explain what might be the root cause of this error message? Is it something I should be concerned about?

You might want to try to clean your browser cache too in case you hit Loading....

Would be nice to know which version of XWiki you are talking about. Also a screenshot would be nice to understand exactly which message you are talking about.

I’m on XWiki Debian 9.5.1 on a Debian 8 machine.

Here’s a composite image of what I’m doing / seeing on my end:

I tried clear browser cache, as well as multiple different browsers, but still see the same message.

Hi @inoida, I have the same issue running on with my xwiki 9.9 installation. How did you solve the issue ?

We had showviewaction=0 in xwiki
The problem gone away when set the value to 1.
I also have to mention that we make use of UrlRewriteFilter for short urls.
I can’t understand what is the link with the original issue but it’s not convenient having to restart xwiki when adding a new wiki.

So it looks like the ajax request which is supposed to get the list of flavors get an error. Would be great if you could use your browser dev tool to get the URL called bythe ajax request and see:

  1. if the URL looks right according to your setup
  2. what you get exactly as response to thet request (malformed JSON with some exception in it, etc.)

See Loading....