Content page links being too long

Hi, for my Wiki, every page I upload will have a very long link like this for example:ướng%20dẫn%20kiểm%20tra%20lỗi%20dịch%20vụ/Business%20Email%20-%20Error/Hướng%20dẫn%20xử%20lý%20trường%20hợp%20tài%20khoản%20spam%20mail%20ra%20ngoài%2C%20nghi%20ngờ%20bị%20hack%20tài%20khoản

How to shorten it, at least make it more eyes appealing?
Thank you very much

You can use a long title but a short page name. You can do that when creating a page if you’re an advanced user, see

You can also rename the page if the page already exists (and only change the page name and not the page title).