Context Menu in Edit Mode


I have problem to create my own context menu in edit mode like image properties for attachment.
context menu
How i can do my own context menu for an object or how can i add section like “Image Properties” ?



is this about xwiki?

Yes is about xwiki, the previous screenshot is a right click in “Edit” mode on an attachment.

This feature is only available when i install the flavor. And I would like to do something similar for my objects.

what feature? There’s no right click menu feature in XWiki. This is the browser implementing this. The only place where there’s a custom right click menu is in CKEditor (wysiwyg editor).

Your question is independent of XWiki really. It’s either an HTML/Javascript question or a CKEditor one.

Just googled for you and one result leads to javascript - How to add a custom right-click menu to a webpage? - Stack Overflow

Yes, i talked about the wysiwyg editor mode. I mean when you right click on a image attachment, like i show in my first message, you have access to a custom right click menu. And when i right click on object in my page i have the threemenus (cut, paste, copy), but the properties menu is only for attachment. I want to add a custom menu for my objects dependant of the type of each object.