Copy translated document

I want to transfer a translation from one document to another.
I found something like $xwiki.copyDocument(String docname, String targetdocname, String wikilanguage)`
API to copy a translation of a document to another document in the same wiki.

When I used copyDocument I get true but my translation didn’t copy to another document.

  1. How to use copyDocument correctly?
  2. How can I transfer a translation to another document - through a script

my very primitive script just to check copyDocument :slight_smile:
#set ($d1 = $xwiki.getDocument(‘DocumentVer1.Dokument1’).getName())
#set ($d2 = $xwiki.getDocument(‘DocumentVer2.Dokument1’).getName())
#set ($discard = $xwiki.copyDocument($d1, $d2,‘en’))