Covid-19 request for XWiki forum help as per Ludovic Dubost

Hi Wiki Forum,
We at are a Covid-19 advocate for the many Millions
of people in the world who do not use internet for what ever reason. Or
maybe they are not very skilled at it. They need LOCAL phone numbers to call,
so they can stay safely at home, and get food, groceries, medical, essentials,
and maybe even a SmartPhone. We will get a short hard copy list mailed to
every household in the world, as the Lord allows.

We have been working with XWiki to create a worldwide repository of data
to help these 33 Million in the US and over 50% of the world’s population.

Ludovic and Jean-Sébastien have been wonderful to us, and even given us
a free Cloud instance. They are however under lock-down, like the rest of
us, so must look after their own for now.

Ludovic asked me to check this forum for help getting it set up. So here
goes. Please help me, Bill Nevin, set up our XWiki system. I am 69 just
now, so I have a lot of relational database experience, but I am working
15 hours a day, on press, fundraising, researchers, web site, Postal
science, and too many other things to list here.

I have prepared a list of fields and tables to put this together, so I
would appreciate with all my heart, if even one of you XWiki experts,
could step up to take command of our XWiki system. Maybe even a small
group of you all could form a group.

I have posted on our web site, my initial draft of database fields and
tables. I have also posted an example of a survival list for Zip Code
10014 in NYC, which could be pasted into many Email to Mail on-line
services, and bulk mailed around the world.

If the world had such a listing infrastructure, for every Zip/Postal
Code, I believe Millions of lives could be saved, for this and future
disasters. If 15 phone numbers on a one page letter, can save even one
life, it will be worth it, especially if it turns out to be your own.

Bill Nevin
Also, you are all welcome to use our Researcher Tools,
ZZL Language Tools, available free on our web site:

If you get a Magicjack, we can talk one on one for free. I’ll buy one for
the leader of the group helping us.
Worldwde help for the 50%+ who do not have Internet, by Postal Mail.

Here is the form we need to connect to XWiki cloud database donated by Ludovic.

We need someone to just get the XWiki started.
We need someone to just get the XWiki started.

We have the search links needed, to find the sources people need to stay inside.

Please help.



Sorry, your posts and account were considered as spam (you kept repeating the same URL every 2 lines and that triggered our antispam filters - Especially mine, since I’m the one who marked your post as spam, before realizing too late that it might not be). So I’d like to apologize for that.

I’m also not sure what you’re looking for.

Here’s what we do here on this forum:

  • We develop the xwiki software
  • We answer specific technical questions about the xwiki software
  • We also offer hosting on our testing farm at See and read very carefully the conditions listed on that page.
  • We don’t usually advertise for personal/business websites or initiatives
  • We don’t do the work for the wikis we setup at They are empty wikis and you need to be the one to manage them and fill them with data.

From what I understand it seems you already have a wiki somewhere. Could you provide the link to it so that in case someone wants to help you they can?

Again, apologies for marking your posts as spam by error.

Dear Vincent

Please un-ban They are trying to help a lot of people worldwide.
They would like to reply to you, and give you the link to their XWiki cloud, given to them by Ludovic.
The ID and password will be happily provided to anyone who wants to help.
However, your spam flagging of their “2” posts, has caused their IP address to be banned from the forum, and their account to be closed. You apologize twice,
for marking them as spam, but don’t allow them to reply?

Please be fair. This is for old and poor people, who are much more vulnerable than you.

BTW: They even gave you a nice mention on their web site. They were counting on XWiki for some time now. Certainly, NOT for data entry, or admin, but just
to set up the XWiki database.

Please, they would appreciate it.

A follower of

Hi @afollower.

I did that about 10 hours ago now. Not sure what to do more.

I’ve removed both the IP address and the email ban already, about 10 hours ago.

I’m trying, but you guys are not helping out much here. You sent some email this morning with a link to your website every 2 sentences with at least 5 mentions in 12 lines… And with some redundant lines too (“We need someone to just get the XWiki started.”). And with some strong insistence in your message without much explanation of what you need (getting xwiki started doesn’t mean much). As I mentioned we don’t allow advertising on this forum in general. It’s a technical forum to answer technical questions about xwiki. These are all reasons, the message got considered as spam. I reverted that when I realized it wasn’t spam and unblocked the IP and the email.

And since then you/they’ve been hunting me down with:

  • An mail to the XWiki SAS company (to which I’ve replied)
  • A direct chat contact (to which I’ve answered and replied and got no further answer)
  • A tweet (to which I’ve not replied since I have already replied on the chat + email)
  • This message (to which I’m replying now)

I don’t know what this means. Maybe there’s a misunderstanding. There’s no database to set up in XWiki. It’s done automatically and since you already have an XWiki instance, there’s nothing to do. All you have to do now is enter content and data in your wiki. I’d love to help you if you have a specific technical question.


I’m sure you are right Vincent. I spoke to Jean-Sébastien for several hours a few
weeks ago,and multiple emails to Ludovic.
I am glad you could straighten me out about this. So there is no database,and no
records? Maybe it is a question of semantics? Is that the case for Wikipedia
as well?
Here is the link to our cloud XWiki.
I will email you the id/passowrd.

Well, have you tried to use your wiki? :slight_smile: What’s missing?

Just tried your wiki the credentials you sent. It’s working very well and it’s operational. You can use it!

I was just able to re-activate the existing user account so there’s no need to recreate one.

ask discobot, :upside_down_face: You are truly great. I just got my avatar gr avatar
back, I hope.
So can you or anyone give me some links explaining how XWiki differs from a
database with records.

Ok I think you’re referring to creating structured content in the wiki, as opposed to free form content.

The simplest to get started is to use AppWithinMinutes. It doesn’t require any development knowledge. See

If you want to know more, this is achieved through the concepts of XClass, XObject (and Sheets and Templates), see .Also see the FAQ tutorial if you need to do more complex things:

You are way ahead of me. Since you asked me to pose my email questions, on the
forum, here is a quick paste of them. Sorry if it’s redundant.

So is it reasonable
to have 33,000 records in a XWiki thing?
I won’t call it a database, but a what?

For the USA, there 33,000 zip codes give or take, so I was thinking to have
33,000 records, one for each each zip code, with no duplicates. They would
be viewable by the general public by 2 character country code and 5 or so
character zip/postal codes. (197+/- country codes worldwide). Need a separate
XWiki “set” for each country? Notice in my form, the pull-down country menu has
a tool tip with the country code.

The main part of a “record” could be the text, a list of 15-18 sources with phone
numbers that are ferreted out and entered by local volunteers, Health Departments,
family of people in or from that zip code, etc. Not you guys of course.
Basically, I want that anyone in the world can enter a zip code and see a good
short list of local survival sources with phone numbers for that zip code.
Is that reasonable or possible with XWiki. (It should fit on a one page letter)

The rest is basically control.
Wikipedia is heavily admonished for being inaccurate. Plus there is fraud etc.
A lot of people are against any self quarantining. (hurd) At some point do
we want to lock records from further updates, especially if a researcher
“Director Zip Code” has requested it.
Please look at my entry/viewing form.
Is any of that applicable to anything?\covid-19-box.html

Within Minutes said, “These can be added by programmers.” :nerd_face:

Footnote: I have not slept in 26 hours, so I must slip these surly bonds for awhile.
Thanks for giving me so much of your time Vincent. It will not go unrewarded.
Check out our: We’d Like to Thank! page, for starters

BTW: I searched for an hour to order Covid-19 Masks by phone and found nothing.
The means 33 Million No Internet humans… What is the “price” to set up an XWiki?

HI forum, I am surprised I can’t get any ballpark price for setting up an XWiki.
So, if a company wants an XWiki, the president or Director must get personally

Here are 2 links you guys could issue to others who want to get started with
xwiki - YouTube- General videos

XWiki SAS - YouTube - Channel

Hopefully these many videos can help someone out there discover XWiki
enough to start providing paid starter support.



XWiki SAS had sent you by email the price of consulting with NGO discounts to be able to provide paid support:

“NGOs discount of 50% on our services, for example a consulting day with an engineer would cost 650$”

Now it’s really hard to tell you what is needed to setup your wiki. This can go from 1 day to many days of work depending of what you want to do, and at this point we have not been able to understand what you wanted to do.

Additionally the way you are using email, forums and twitter is problematic. As good as your cause can be, you cannot push too much on people trying to help you.

Unfortunately we are all in this situation very busy and have to choose our activities.


Thanks Vincent, I saw this link a week ago. I emailed Luxembourg and have not
heard back, The SAS company is you I guess.
Maybe you should take me up on my offer to send you a Magicjack to get a
free US phone#. You could hear from other techs in the US?

You’re mixing the open source project which is independent of any company and the XWiki SAS which is one company offering services on top of the xwiki open source project. See

I’ll repeat once more: please keep this forum for discussing only technical details about the xwiki project. It is not the right place for other topics and I’ll have to mute you/block you if you continue. Sorry.

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Thanks Guys,
So that is 650.00 - 50% = 325.00/hr?

You would know better than I, about how many hours it might take by seeing
link I posted to my Info-Wiki text file, which I would rather not post again to
avoid getting my IP banned again.:slight_smile:

Let’s table all this, until I can watch ALL the YouTube videos in the 2 links
I just posted. I hope you approve of my honorable mention link of you , Jean,
and Vincent in my, “We’d Like to Thank” page.
Thanks and be safe.
Bill Nevin 917-50emails you know the other email

As our NYC Governor Andrew Cuomo said, “You go to war with what you have,
not what you want.”

Hi Vincent, so let me do the apologizing this time. I am truly sorry
for everything, especially my ignorance on this whole thing. Friends?
This will be my last post until I learn (hopefully) and set up our XWiki myself.
I hope I can bring you guys a lot of business in the long run.
Thanks and stay safe.