Create extension with gradle


is it possible to create an extension using gradle as build system ?
I do not see how to not use .xml files for ui part which imply xar pcakaging which imply a maven plugin.

Thanks for your help

XAR is just one kind of extension, XWiki also support JAR extensions (by default and others if you install the right repository handlers) and those are of course easy to create with Gradle.

Back to XAR, we indeed don’t provide any Gradle plugin (we are more of Maven guys for now) to build XAR package but it’s probably not very hard to write one (at least the packaging part) if you know Gradle well (a XAR is just a ZIP file containing the pages as XML and a package.xml descriptor). Ideally it would probably mean extract that part from the XAR Maven plugin as a library and reuse that in the Gradle plugin. If you want to work on it (which would be a very nice contribution !) you can take a look at xwiki-commons/xwiki-commons-tools/xwiki-commons-tool-xar/xwiki-commons-tool-xar-plugin/src/main/java/org/xwiki/tool/xar/ at master · xwiki/xwiki-commons · GitHub.

Thanks I put this on my TODO list