Deprecating the Orphaned Panel

Hello all,

The Orphaned Panel is based is based the deprecated concept of parent/child relationship since the introduction of nested pages, and can cause performance issues on wikis with a large number of orphaned pages (see XWIKI-17484).

For those reasons, I propose to remove it from XS.

Two propositions:

  • Do you agree to remove the Orphaned Panel?
  • Do you think it is useful to move the Orphaned panel to xwiki-attic?





I’m fine with both options (just remove it or keep it in the attic).



Additionally to all of that, another idea might be to ensure that we have a convenient snippet published on or even tiny easily installable extension on so that it is convenient enough for someone using or depending on it to put it back in place once we remove it from XS.

More generally, I guess, we could say that whatever we remove (even if to the attic), should also be published and release on e.x.o. AFAIK, we currently don’t create extra artifacts (doc/release) for retired modules or components if they did not already exist, but we leave them in place if they did and link to them from the retired repo. It would surely make life better for anyone upgrading and finding out their dependency got sent to the attic, but, at the same time, would also create a bit of pollution on e.x.o with abandoned extensions. WDYT?

I think your idea of a code snippet is good and I’d not put this on xwiki-attic and instead just publish a code snippet with the code instead. Seems to be the simplest by far and we don’t want to spend too much time on this.

If nobody objects, I’ll deprecate the Orphaned Page panel and provide a snippet.


The snippet: