Display Bug in Blog Extension after protocol change


we recently set our wiki up for https. After that i changed xwiki.url.protocol to https in xwiki.cfg.

Now the blog extension is not being displayed properly, see screenshot:

Hi @kaydee64,

could you explain how you exactly set up HTTPS for your wiki?

Do you use Apache as Proxy in front of XWiki?
-> I do so and i don’t need to activate “xwiki.urlprotocol” to HTTPS inside the “xwiki.cfg”
-> Communication between Apache and XWiki is on the server side
-> The encrypted (HTTS) communication is fron Client to Apache

Note: Probably you should also censor the name on your screenshot?

Best regards,

Hi Dolo,

thanks for reminding me, I just did.

I didn’t do the setup so I actually don’t know, I’ll try to find that out. Before uncommenting xwiki.urlprotocol, the browser displayed an error message saying that not the entire page is safe. After uncommenting that message vanished.