Dividers in Dropdown list in AWM


Please advise how to add dividers to the Static List control in AWM?


This has recently been improved, see Loading...

It’ll be available in XWiki 11.2.

PS: Not sure where this is in AWM. What’s been improved is the edit mode when editing any page.

I am interested in general if it is possible to add dividers or groups to “Static List” controls.

For example, like this:

Okay, go the other way.

<select id="type">
  <optgroup label="Group1">
    <option value="11">Item11</option>
    <option value="12">Item12</option>
  <optgroup label="Group2">
    <option value="21">Item21</option>
  <optgroup label="Group3">
    <option value="31">Item31</option>

This is what I need.
I processed the dropdown change event in jsx.
However, the question arose: how to correctly return the value from jsx to the document’s field’s value?