Duplicate entries in navigation

Hello all

I’ve been researching this issue but have not found a resolution in the archives. Somehow I ended up with identical links in the navigation menu. Clicking either one opens the same submenus. Any effort I try to remove them only results in yet another entry. Can anyone tell me how to safely remove these?

Shannon Kelman

What exactly do you mean by “navigation menu”? The navigation panel on the left or the breadcrumbs above the page title? Could you share a screenshot? It would also help if you could specify the version of XWiki you’re using and the exact steps to reproduce.

I have the same issue, this is what I can see in my case:

Any solution for this issue? It looks like there are two pages with the same name, but actually, it is just one I already tried to delete the extra one, and no luck.

Hi @Isa could you check the URL when you hover over the duplicate entries?

Could you also check if you have translations for these pages?

Is there a simple way to reproduce? Can you make it happen again if you try it with new pages?