Duplicate entries in navigation

Hello all

I’ve been researching this issue but have not found a resolution in the archives. Somehow I ended up with identical links in the navigation menu. Clicking either one opens the same submenus. Any effort I try to remove them only results in yet another entry. Can anyone tell me how to safely remove these?

Shannon Kelman

What exactly do you mean by “navigation menu”? The navigation panel on the left or the breadcrumbs above the page title? Could you share a screenshot? It would also help if you could specify the version of XWiki you’re using and the exact steps to reproduce.

I have the same issue, this is what I can see in my case:

Any solution for this issue? It looks like there are two pages with the same name, but actually, it is just one I already tried to delete the extra one, and no luck.

Hi @Isa could you check the URL when you hover over the duplicate entries?

Could you also check if you have translations for these pages?

Is there a simple way to reproduce? Can you make it happen again if you try it with new pages?


Hi, I have the same issue in my navigation panel. I renamed a page, a rediction have been done on subpage to the new named page. But, the old page always appear on navigation panel, and when I select it, there is a message with “The requested page could not be found.”. I can I removed it from navigation panel ?

Hi @vmassol
I am having the same issue. If I create one page in the navigation panel, its duplicate entry will be created in the navigation panel.
For example, if I create “Page1”, the navigation panel will show “Page1” & “page1”.
In case of URL, the last part of URL is changed as following
Let me know how can it be fixed.

Thank You

@Zaheer.Abid you haven’t mentioned the XWiki version you’re using. I cannot reproduce this on 13.2 for instance and I’m pretty sure our automated tests would have caught this duplication. There must be something special with your XWiki instance, but you need to give us more details.

I am using XWiki 12.10.3 with Tomcat 9.
Can you please mention what more details are needed?

Thank You

details = anything that can help us investigate the issue, like any customizations you did. I’m pretty sure that you won’t be able to reproduce on a clean 12.10.3 install, so you need to review the changes you did on your wiki (except for the creation of plain wiki pages).

This issue is randomly reproducible since we installed Menu extension. Before this extension, we did not experience this issue.

Any configuration related to this extension that is needed?

The Menu Application extension page you linked indicates this:

Bundled With XWiki Standard (9.4-rc-1+)

The Menu Application is already installed (bundled) if you’re using XWiki 12.10.3 as you said. So either you installed something else or you’re using a different flavor or your extension index was broken.

In any case, I don’t see how the Menu Application itself can cause the duplicate entries in the Navigation panel.

@mflorea Sorry we did not install this extension but created a theme.
But like you said “extension index was broken”, can you please explain how can I look into it, and how can this be fixed?

If you didn’t install the Menu Application then you can forget about the “extension index was broken”.

I really don’t see how creating a theme can cause this problem. I suggest you take a clean XWiki 12.10.3 instance and try to reproduce the problem. If you don’t reproduce then try configure this instance as your original instance step by step, checking if the problem reproduces between the steps, in order to identify which change cause the problem.