Editing "special xwiki pages" not possible

If you enable document title required in /XWikiPreferences?editor=globaladmin&section=Editing&space=XWiki then its not possible to change the special XWiki pages like Main.SolrSearchConfig

Not even if you set the page title? You made the page title mandatory after all, which applies to all pages, not just the ones you create from then on.

Well, I did not dare to set the title. Its a internal page and I did not know if I break something if I set the title.

You should be worried more about changing the content of these special pages than their title. Now, Main.SolrSearchConfig is a bit special because it holds configuration, but in general changing the page title rarely breaks anything, while changing the content (scripts) of a page that is part of an XWiki extension often breaks things and complicates the upgrade process (which is why you get a warning when you try to edit these pages).

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