Exporting help from xwiki

Hi all, I’ve been asked by management to move from xwiki to a shared ‘drive’ based system. I was hoping to be able to simply export everything (we don’t have a lot of pages) however the export seems to be not as easy as I thought it would be.

Has anyone any best practices to be able to export everything and still be able to use the folders/pages in a logical fashion?

Thanks for any assistance.

Though I either don’t understand your use case or your management decision. However, maybe you can specify what format you would like to export to and how many pages there are. Also, I understand you would like to retain the structure of the wiki in the new file system / shared drive target?

Hi thanks for the reply. What choices do I have for the export, I’m guessing PDF or xml is default? Yes I would like to retain the structure where possible.

Thanks again for any advice.

Ok, ok … what is the goal? Who will read the exported data after you exported it? What is stored in the pages? Text/Images/Attachments. And how many pages are there? Any structured data within the pages (Classes/Objects?)