Feature request - default link type

I have a feature request/ui usability suggestion:

When you are creating a link, the UI defaults to creating an internal link. If you are creating links to attachments, urls or email addresses, you have to take the additional step of selecting that link type.

For one or two links, this isn’t a problem, but if you are creating hundreds of these kinds of links, it quickly becomes a real drag.

I have some possible solutions to improve the usability that you may wish to consider:

1/ allow a default link type, either globally set, or per user (user preference over global)

2/ allow the dialog to remember the last link type chosen in that session. So, if my last link is a url, then the next link will default to url until changed.

3/ you allow two hot key for creating links (alt K and alt L). Rather than have the two hot keys bring up the same dialog, allow them to bring up the dialog with a different default link type. (maybe not ideal since there are only 2 keys and 4 options.

Of the thee, I think that #2 might be the easiest to implement and provide the most usability value since it is only remembering what you currently wanted.


This sounds good. You should report an issue. There is also https://jira.xwiki.org/browse/CKEDITOR-107 that asks for automatically detecting the link type. Would that help?

That absolutely would help and would also solve my usability issue.

Upvoted and followed