Filesystem Attachments are not deleted from disk

Hi there, we currently facing the issue that xwiki attachments are not deleted from hard disk an have already ~20GB of space occupied.

We are currently running xwiki 8.4.3 WAR within tomcat 8.0.33 and using postgresql as database. In xwiki.cfg:

have been set from the beginning. There is currently nothing in /view/Main/AllDocs?view=deletedAttachments
After reading about the bug concerning file recycle bin:

i tried


because we don’t need recyclebin for files. After restarting tomcat it had no effect. This script also had no effect:

For example, there are files within:


The xwiki space "\Aquafin" has even been deleted itself, from the page recycle bin too.
The following file has been attached before deactivating the file recycle bin:


I have deleted it, and it is still in the same directory. On the other hand, 5 minutes ago I attached and then deleted:


And it has been removed from harddisc, leaving the empty folder behind. Now I have deleted the “Spielwiese” page, and Update_AX5_FB_Definition.mp4 is still alive. Do I have to disable


or set this to void?

The database tables xwikiattrecyclebin and xwikiattachment_archive are empty.
Attached you find our whole xwiki.cfg file:
xwiki.cfg.txt (26.3 KB)

Please advise, thank you.
BR Mario