GSoC 2022 Coding Period has started

Hello, GSoC 2022 contributors: @Pol

The GSoC 2022 coding period has officially started this Monday.

I hope you have taken advantage of the bonding period to get up to speed with the XWiki project, its code and documentation, and that you have a pretty good idea of what you need to do to turn your project into a success.

As for tips and things that you need to do in the following (coding) period, please make sure you read carefully the Suggested way of working for accepted GSoC contributors and Conditions for success sections in the Contirbutor Guidelines, particularly:

Working on your project is great, but it’s only half of the work that GSoC involves. The other half is integrating into the community, letting people know what your are working on, asking for help and learning to ask the right questions, and generally communicating about yourself and your work.

In order to keep in touch, additionally to reading and being active on the forum, you also need to be present on the Chat as much as possible (at least while you are working on your project) so that:

  • people see you and can quickly get a hold of you
  • you are exposed to everyday community activity that might spark your interest
  • get more occasions to ask questions
  • get more occasions to help others with their problems, should you know the answer
  • give others more occasions to help you with your problems, should they notice your questions and know the answer
  • etc.

Remember that GSoC is not a mentorship program where communication is done on a 1-to-1 basis with your assigned mentor. Instead, this is an open source community integration program, where a mentor exists mostly for formal reasons and your communication needs to be done with a community itself, in the open. Otherwise said, GSoC is not a project bounty program or summer job, but the project serves mainly as a learning tool, to help our with the familiarization of the project and its community. You still have to successfully complete the project in order to pass, but the sooner you understand that the point is your integration in the open source community, the better and more enjoyable your overall GSoC experience will be.

We hope you are finding XWiki to be an interesting project and that you are enjoying your GSoC so far.

-The XWiki Development Team

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