GSoC(2022) Introduction-Vedant Pol

Hello everyone I am Vedant Pol,
Thank you for selecting me as a GSoC member and making me a part of the community. Since XWiki follows an open mentorship program I would be in your care.

Project Objective-

  • The goal of this project is to create a snap package of the XWiki

  • The project will also ensure that the generation of the snap package for each version of XWiki is integrated into the release process so that the user on the snap package does not remain outdated with the XWiki .

  • It will also ensure close integration so that the generation of the snap package is not a big hassle for other developers for each version of XWiki. Automating snap builds would also be a feasible endeavor.

Project Timeline-

  1. Community bonding period(May 20 - June 12)

  2. Phase 1 Evaluation(June 13- July 29)

  3. Phase 2 Evaluation(July 29- September 4)

For more technical details you can refer to my proposal

I am open to any comments, ideas, or suggestions. If there are any articles or forum posts that you would like me to read or would benefit from reading, please link them. Your experience is an invaluable asset to me that would help me get this project done in time.

I would be creating forum posts to keep everyone updated with my project and would be using to ask my minor doubts or question that I might end up facing. I am really excited to work with everyone.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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