GSOC 2023- introduction

I am Soumargha Bhattacharjee from National Institute of Technology, Agartala. I am interested in the project titled - " [Interactive Link Visualization]". I am new to the open-source community and would like to be a contributor in GSOC-2023. I wanted to know whether I should use the same image layout as shown in the example image or use a similar image from my own.

Welcome @soumargha! To get started, please have a look at the two tasks mentioned in the project description. As mentioned in our guidelines, you should complete these tasks during the application period to show us that you’re able to code.

The example image is just a screenshot from the homepage of sigma.js, you should propose whatever layout you think fits best. When completing the tasks, you’ll also create an example visualization, you should definitely include a screenshot of that visualization into your application and then explain how you want to improve that during the project. You may include further screenshots if you think they help explaining your plans.

I have got a complete idea about how to do the project and how to proceed but I am not getting how to find the links to put in the velocity macro as a part of the tasks given. I am new to using this velocity.js. please help me out.

Velocity has nothing to do with JavaScript. See our documentation of the velocity macro. This is something you need to use inside an XWiki document. See also the scripting API guide and the Scripting Documentation Application for some more information about the scripting API. The most interesting methods to get started are probably $doc.getLinkedPages() and $doc.getBackLinkedReferences().