GSoC Intro 2023 - Kevin Munoz

Hi everyone, my name is Kevin Munoz. I am interested in contributing to XWiki for the GSoC program. I am a self-taught developer/career switcher. I have taken coursework with The Odin Project, at a local community college, and have carved a role for myself in my current job where I utilize front end programming occasionally to build custom UIs for clients. I am proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I have also learned Java and am currently enrolled in a Python course. I am definitely new to the world of open source which feels a little overwhelming, but I do want to push myself and be a part of this project.

I am primarily interested in the Content-based Tag Suggestions project. I will be familiarizing myself with the project and code base over the next week or so. I will probably be asking lots of (potentially annoying) questions, so please bare with me. Thank you!