Hi for GSoC 2021! Proposal to work on CryptPad

Hi, I’m Thomas, a French first-year bachelor student in Computer Science at EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne). I’m also a self-taught Web developer and a longtime user and fan of CryptPad. I’d love to participate in Google Summer of Code 2021 and work for you on improving CryptPad.

Even though the only thing I’ve contributed for now is a detailed bug report, I’ve been wanting to contribute to CryptPad for a while. So when I saw that XWiki was one of the participating organizations for Google Summer of Code 2021, I saw the perfect opportunity, because I would have both the free time to contribute, and the whole summer to get familiar with the code and really get productive!

I’ve always been passionate about technology, both in itself and for the impact that it has on society (privacy, monopolies, advertising, free software, free culture, surveillance, collaboration, entertainment, social relationships…). I’ve been teaching myself programming and Web development for years: building Pong games with Scratch when I was 12, Caesar cypher programs in Java when I was 13, static websites and blogs with HTML, CSS and Jekyll when I was 14, React applications when I was 15, being a maintainer of the (now defunct) freeCodeCamp Guide project, maintaining a WordPress website and all the digital tooling of the association I co-creatad last year, and now more advanced Java projects in my studies at EPFL. I also did a one-month internship as a web developer at Urbandoor (recently acquired by Airbnb) in San-Francisco, working on their React Web app during the summer of 2017, when I was 15. So I think CryptPad really is the best project for me to work on, as it it at the crossroads of many of my favorite topics: privacy and surveillance, free software, collaboration, design and usability, and of course coding itself.

I saw that all of your proposed project ideas for now are about XWiki, which is why I propose to work with you to see what concrete projects could be envisioned regarding CryptPad.

I have a solid grasp of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Java. I have fair experience with React, with CSS frameworks, with usability testing, and much more. I am of course very familiar with all the usual development tools: git, command line, Linux, npm, GitHub… I have less experience in the back-end, but as I have a very good grasp of the fundamentals and am willing to learn, I can pick up many things pretty quickly!

Regarding what I could do in practice, I have a few ideas, but am open to any suggestion! I saw your work on improving the design of CryptPad: rebranding, new color scheme, dark mode, number of usability and accessibility improvements… I could contribute to further the work in this direction, as the front-end and the process of making things simpler and easier to understand are my strong area. I could also implement new features. I had the idea of a storage management feature, that would allow to visualize space usage per folder and per file, and delete the history of the pads (which often takes up most of the space) in bulk. I could also help with the work of turning CryptPad into an offline-ready Progressive Web App. Also, I could work on improving the integration of subscription and donation options in the interface, or work on the public website, or work on already identified bugs or feature requests that just need to get done. I would also be able to help you triage and answer issues on GitHub and improve the project’s documentation.

What are your ideas? What is on your roadmap? What would you be interested in mentoring? :slight_smile:

In all cases, I’m sure I can be a valuable asset and help further the impact that you’re having with this great free software!

Looking forward to reading you back!

Hi @thomaskuntzz This is cool! However this forum is for the development of the XWiki open source project (https://xwiki.org). Cryptpad is a different project. You can find it at GitHub - xwiki-labs/cryptpad: Collaboration suite, end-to-end encrypted and open-source.

Good luck.

PS: I don’t know if Cryptpad is participating to GSOC 2021 and if they’ve been selected or not.

Thinking more about it, in case Cryptpad isn’t participating to GSOC 2021, there’s one way you could still participate to the XWiki GSOC while working a bit on Cryptpad: it would be to propose an integration between XWiki and Cryptpad (for example from Cryptpad to XWiki - how do you import Cryptpad content into XWiki. Ofc the project would need to be a bit larger but if you have creative ideas that could work out. This is just an idea.

Hi, thanks for your answer!
Yeah, I know this is XWiki’s forum, but I posted here because your page about GSoC says: “ Students can come up with their own ideas, but the ideas need to be proposed and discussed on the forum (dev category).”

What I understood was that it was XWiki (Labs) as an organization (company), and not only the XWiki project, that was participating in GSoC, and thus that it would be possible to work on CryptPad. Could anyone confirm if that is the case or not? :slight_smile:

PS: thanks for the suggestion!

This is correct but it has to be about XWiki! :slight_smile:

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I’ve asked on the #cryptpad matrix chat and waiting for an answer.

Apparently the answer is no, Cryptpad is not participating to GSOC 2021.

Thanks for the answer! I’ve contacted the CryptPad team to see what I can do with them :blush: