Hidden "Articles" directory

I’m testing out unregistered users for the first time, and hitting a strange problem.

The unregistered user does not see the “Articles” directory (but does see all the others) in the Nav panel.
Also, he can’t view the pages in that directory and velocity scripts don’t see them.

Yet, when I give unregistered users “Admin” permission (which of course I would never do on the real site), now the problem goes away.

The Articles page and its children are not hidden.
Admin users see it just fine.
This happens both on my local xwiki instance and my cloud instance.

Any idea what might cause this? If not, is there any way to troubleshoot and see why a page (and children) are being hidden for a particular user?

In your screenshot you’re configuring the global rights, for the entire wiki, but these rights can be overwritten at the page level. So you need to check if there are custom access right settings at the level of the “Articles” page.

I didn’t see any rights specified at the page level. I couldn’t figure it out, so I created a new page, moved all the children to that new page, removed the Articles page, and then renamed the new page to “Articles”. That solved the problem. Thanks.