Horizontal Menu only for specific Pages

Hi everyone,

you can create a horizontal menu bar with the Menu Application and choose one of 3 scopes:

  • Wiki
  • User
  • Global

What if you want to have this horizontal menu only visible on some specific pages and not in the whole Wiki? → how could this be accomplished?

If it would be a side-panel-menu you could do this by adding or not adding the panel-menu under the look & feel section of the specific page:

But there is no option (as far as I can see) for a horizontal menu to only be shown on specified pages.
Or is there?

You could use Velocity macro in your menu content to check what the current page is and decide whether to output something or not based on that. The menu would be loaded on every page, but it will be visible only on those that pass the check.

Another option is to use CSS to hide the menu in some pages. For instance, if you check the body tag is has a class like space-Path.To.Page that you could use in CSS selectors.

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Thank you for your suggestions.
A Velocity macro seems to be the better workaround, I’ll try that.