How can I add Ckedtior Colordialog?

I read the guides.
“Use additional CKEditor plugins” and
“Skin Extension Tutorial” and etc…

I downloaded CKEditor Colordialog plugin zip.
It contain a css file and two js file.

I don’t know how I will write code.

I just think
First, I will make a new class.
Second,I will create new JavaScriptExtension in that class.
(But, I wonder I need to add other class and JSX? Because I have 2 js file.)
Third, enable the plugin in the CKEditor configuration.


Do you know another way for Color panel that I can choose various type of text color?

I believe who knows about this question.
Please share best way for fool me.!!

Isn’t the colorbutton plugin enough for your needs? You just have to enable it from the administration, nothing more.

I want more color button…