How to add a new configurable section when creating page from a class template

Hello, I have a class called ConfigClass with certain fields used for configuring an extension. I’m searching for a way to automatically create a ConfigurableClass when creating a ConfigClass object from a template, so that each ConfigClass object can be seen and modified from the Administration Menu.
I tried to do this in two ways but none of the worked:

  1. In the template for the ConfigClass, called ConfigTemplate, in Objects Editor I added a ConfigruableClass object, so that each page created from the Template has both my ConfigClass and the ConfigurableClass object, and in the wiki content for ConfigTemplate I added the following code:
    such that the ConfigurableClass object is populated with the apropiate data.

2.Have a WebHome page for creating pages from the ConfigTemplate and add the ConfigurableClass object after the fact:

Does anybody know another way to do this, or do I need to change something in one of the two attempted solutions?