How to assign or install SSL on XWiki_Enterprise8.4.4 installed on CentOS

Hello Everyone,

This is Marius Johansen, I am new to xwiki and trying to install and configure it on CentOS.
I have xwiki XWiki_Enterprise8.4.4 version installed with CentOS. I followed “” URL to install and make it working.

Now i wanted to test SSL installation with Xwiki URL so i can able to access xwiki using https.

I tried using multiple things but unable to found anything which can help me to resolve the same.

I am need of your expert advise to have https with ssl setup for my xwiki.

Thank you and appreciate your help in advance.


This is quite outdated. 8.4.4 was released 4 years ago, the current LTS is 12.10.2.

I did some cleanup in to remove meaningless tutorials.

Regarding HTTPS/SSL, see

Note that if you read our doc we say:

Tutorials external to the site have not been validated for correctness by the XWiki Development Team and it’s also possible that they are out of date or even not working.

So in general we don’t recommend them. Better use our documentation!


Thank you for your quick answers, can you please help me know how can i upgrade the version i installed and make it working with https.


Hello Folks,

Require your help to upgrade the Wiki to fulfill the SSL requirement, can someone please help me know how can i upgrade this. i tried checking but unable to find how to upgrade on xwiki documentations.

Appreciate your help in advance.


Did you look at ?