How to get rid of "${request.transprefix}emptyvalue" being displayed for liveData from a liveTable?

I have a page that is using a liveData macro that is displaying data from a liveTable source in which one one of the columns has not been populated for a row. This is being displayed like


Is there a way to do this with the liveData macro?

Hello @bbergquist0930,

Can you share the liveData macro configuration?
I’m sure there is an easy way around.
Though, there is probably an improvement to do on our side to provide a default placeholder (e.g., -) when no valid translation can be found.

The app was build using Application In Minutes, so the source looks like

#set ($columnsProperties = {
  'bannerList': {},
  'name': {},
  'role': {},
  'phone': {},
  'email': {},
  '': {},
  '': {"link":"author"},
  '_actions': {"sortable":false,"filterable":false,"html":true,"actions":["edit","delete"]}
#set ($options = {
  'className': 'Banners.Banner Contacts App.Code.Banner Contacts AppClass',
  'translationPrefix': 'banner contacts app.livetable.',
  'tagCloud': true,
  'rowCount': 15,
  'maxPages': 10,
  'selectedColumn': 'bannerList',
  'defaultOrder': 'asc'
#set ($columns = ['bannerList', 'name', 'role', 'phone', 'email', '', '', '_actions'])
#livetable('banner contacts app' $columns $columnsProperties $options)

and the use of this using liveData looks like

{{liveData id="contact" properties="bannerList,name,role,phone,email" showPageSizeDropdown="false" source="liveTable" sourceParameters="className=Banners.Banner Contacts App.Code.Banner Contacts AppClass&bannerList=FL"}}
  "meta": {
    "propertyDescriptors": [
        "id": "bannerList",
        "visible": false,
        "sortable": false,
        "filterable": false


The app displays this in the original app with the liveTable looks like


I think you are just missing translationPrefix=banner contacts app.livetable. in the sourceParameters of your Live Data.

That was the solution, but can you point me towards the translationPrefix documentation link so that I can become less ignorant? :wink: points to
As the liveTable source is a bridge to Live Table results, all Livetable parameters can be used in the sourceParameters (as source parameters are parameters specific to a given source), including translationPrefix.

Hope that helps.