How to receive mail notifications in "user" language?


I didn’t find how / where to define the notification language for weekly activity emails. I though it was set in each user profile but … didn’t find any relevant setting.
Sub-part of this question: default language for my Wiki is “fr” only and my user receives english emails => I find strange that notification did not use the “Wiki” value when only one is defined.

Thanks in advance for your answer,

Looks like a bug. Would be great if you could report it on if it’s not already there.

I had a look in Jira and didn’t find anything opened and related to this issue.

Can it be a “general” bug (for all users) or only a bug linked to use of a global user (in a “farm context” like on MyXwiki)?

You mean that you have the issue with a main wiki user ? Since the language on main wiki is English it would indeed make sense to receive English mails.

Yes my report is linked to my “main user” (xrichard) emails notifications.

I don’t share this opinion : why a user can not define it’s own language if “product” translation is available? I’m not working hard on translation not to use it myself :clown_face: or to prevent others to use it :blush:.

This user defined language could be applied to mails and wiki UI but of course can / should be (based on admin choice) ignored for pages content to force all contributors to write in english only. Is this behavior a new feature request or just a setting to activate on

The use case I was referring to was implying that the user was inheriting his wik’s language. If the user explicitly have a language associated to his profile then it’s definitely a bug.

Okay, I have edited my profile in “advanced mode”, to define Default Language = fr (before it was empty); check on . Is it the correct way to proceed?

Yet I’m surprised: why this language setting can not be edited “inline” in the profile?
After save: I see no change at all (I was expecting my profile labels now to be displayed in french).

Waiting for next weekly email notification, to verify if something has changed …

I did not know this setting even existed before you talk about user language so I checked the class and found it.The fact that it’s not exposed in the UI probably explain why it was not taken into account in the notitication mail.

Thanks for your answer, so I will open 3 improvements in Jira:

  • Display user preferred language in user profile (1)
  • When a user language is defined: use this language for notifications emails (2) and for “xwiki UI” (3), ie everything except Wiki “user written pages”.

If I don’t use the correct vocabulary, don’t hesitate to correct me here or in coming Jira improvements.

Thanks :slight_smile: