Images not displayed after canceling distribution wizard

Hi XWiki-community,

here is what happened to me:

  • Tried to access the wiki as usual. Not sure whether I accidentally picked a wrong deeplink which might have led to the Distribution Wizard, or whether XWiki just arbitrarily decided to do so, but:
  • I got the distribution wizard instead of the page I wanted to access each time i tried
  • I got scared because I did not want to re-initialize the wiki, fearing that all my data would be lost
  • So i pressed “cancel”

Now I can access all the pages of the wiki again, but no images are being displayed. Neither images that have come with the installation, nor images that I have uploaded manually.

What happened here, and how can I fix that? (And if I might add, my technical understanding regarding XWiki is limited, so if someone would be able to help, I would be eternally thankful for an explanation that does not draw on the deepest of XWiki programming experiences :slight_smile: )

Thank you very much in advance, I appreciate any support!

You get the Distribution Wizard when you install and when you upgrade. You sure you did not upgraded XWiki ?

What you describe feels like you install tomcat 9 based XWiki Debian package and upgraded it trough apt upgrade without noticing and now hit