Import from Confluence

I create a ZIP files containing entities.xml and linked images for a Confluence Space. I uploaded the zip for Import and clicked on it. A spinning circle spins and never stops.
I tried with the entities.xml - same problem. The file has about 700kB.

I installed Confluence XML extension. Then global administration -> content -> import.

The XWiki install runs on docker with image xwiki:lts-postgres-tomcat.

What I am doing wrong? Thanks./

The import you used is for XWiki (XAR) packages only. You might want to take a look at

Hi Thomas,

thanks - I tried and it did work. But the formatting is kind of broken with checkmark items:

Anything I can do there? Should I send you the XML ?

Kind regards,

The ideal when you get unexpected results is to create an issue on Loading... explaining what you get compared to what you expect to get and the XML (as focus as possible) to reproduce it.

Thanks. I will.