Importing Old Pages

I’m moving from a really old version of XWiki (7.1.2) to the newest version (11.1). When I exported my old pages and imported them into the new version, I wasn’t able to create child pages on the pages that I imported.

After exporting a new page, I looked at the XML behind it and saw that it has a completely different structure from my old pages. The old pages have xwikidoc version 1.1 and the new ones have version 1.3, and it seems that every page has a “WebHome” now.

Is there any way for me to import my old pages in and convert them to the newest format of xwikidoc? Automatically having them convert would be ideal, but if I have to manually convert the ones that I need converted, that might work too. (Or if I can manipulate the XML before importing, I can probably script the XML manipulation.)

NOTE: The new version is not in production yet, it’s only on test. So if I can do something different, I’d like to figure it out in test so that we’re all set when we move to production.

You’ll need to convert them to nested pages. We have a migrator. You should read to know more and to see how to migrate.


Note that you don’t have to convert all the pages to nested pages. That’s only needed if you want to be able to create child pages.

Awesome, thank you! That page mentioned an extension which worked amazingly well! :slight_smile: