Installing XWiki 11.10.8 on Debian Testing: ttf-dejavu


I’m installing xwiki on a new system, following these instructions. Looking forward to getting it working.

When I do “sudo apt-get install xwiki-tomcat9-pgsql” a problem arises.

The package “ttf-dejavu” does not exist in Debian testing. The actual fonts in that package have moved to : fonts-dejavu-{core,extra}: which I do have installed. Fonts missing is not the problem.

I could tell Debian to use the stable repo for this package, and for a while things might work.

It should only be a quick change in your packaging files to fix this.

Whether or not you implement this, thanks for creating xwiki and improving it over many years.


Definitely. Would be great if you could create an issue on explaining the problem and it will be fixed in 12.6 which is released this week.

Thanks! New JIRA issue
Hopefully it is legible etc