Intro for GSoC 2021 - Sanchita Singh

Hello community, I am Sanchita Singh, a fourth year undergraduate student at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. I was going through the list of organisations selected for GSoC 2021 and found XWiki there.
I’d like to congratulate Wiki on getting selected for this year and would like to show my interest in working with Wiki as a student developer with the project “Amazon AMI for Wiki”. I have good amount of experience working with AWS, GCP and Azure.
While going over the list of proposed projects, the “Amazon AMI for Wiki” got my attention as the requirements of the project align with my experience in the field of Cloud Computing and serverless world.
I have already gone over the GSOC guidelines page and other project details. I’ve been going over other forum posts and documentation wikis to better understand the needs of the project and to get clear understanding of how we can go about doing this in summer.
Looking forward to working with you guys :slight_smile:

Hello Sanchita. It’s good to know that you are interested in this project. Please go over documentation of XWiki too and the project description page. I might be adding a couple of tasks soon over there so please keep a check on that page.