Is it possible to add other users to the watchlist for a page?

Sometimes I will create a new page and then would like to add other users as watchers so they will receive email notifications when a change is made. Can you do this in XWiki?

Hi @spaceman no currently you cannot do that: users always control what they want to watch or not, and I’m not sure we’d like to allow another people to force them to watch a page. You could imagine some problems with such feature, if someone doesn’t want to watch a page and someone else always add the page to their watchlist.

Now, maybe you could use the mention feature, to ask the people to add the page to their watchlist by mentioning them in a comment:

OK. Thanks for the reply. Confluence allows a user to add another user as a watcher, but I can also understand the hesitance to allow one user to basically spam everyone else with notifications.

I’m not sure we’d like to allow another people to force them to watch a page.

It’s a standard feature of many Document Control Systems for Organizational Content, where there are basically standards of document control you must follow, like ensuring everyone in a department is warned about the New Policy for that department, or changes in a Procedure… even if they “forgot” to add the page to their watchlist.

I understand that when being used outside of organizations, that would be like spam.

But hey, Administrators can already edit profiles of users, like it would happen in a closed organization, so I don´t see why enforcing the notifications of some pages would be so extraordinary.

Interesting, then that would be more like being able to have notifications settings for specific groups of users: if you belong to this group or this group then you receive notifs for those documents. And specific users could then always chose to unwatch specific documents.

It could probably be done as an extension.

it seems to me the simplest solution in XWiki would be to be able to mention GROUPS, not only users.

That way, instead of making a @user1, @user2, etc, for dozens of users, of each department, I can do a @Department1 @Department2 and that’s it, let’s say 50 users will be following that page with instructions on how to avoid being killed.

I’m actually surprised that the current mention feature doesn’t support groups. I thought it was already supported. Would need @mleduc insight on this.

Maybe I am doing it wrong.

Using @ symbol, it only lists users, not groups. Even if I start typeing a group name, nothing appears.

this post from 2021

has this text

This new API is a first step toward the mention of users from remote wikis, or to the mention of groups

So it seems the new API would allow the mention of groups, but it was never implemented?

Yes I think so.

Will have to get ChatGPT working on how to implement mention of groups… or at least, automatically create mentions for everyone in a group based on a selection of group.

The backend of XWiki already allows quite easily to send notifications to groups: there’s not much work to do to complete current implementation to allow mentioning a group. It just needs to be put in our roadmap most likely.

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So, what needs to be done for it to go into the roadmap?
Does the official process depends on users making a request on Jira or something like that?

A jira issue is a good start, but there would still need to be a developer or contributor deciding to take it to code it (anyone can send Pull Requests).

One way to be sure to have it in the roadmap and quickly is to sponsor a feature, see

Note: If there are enough users asking for a jira issue to be fixed, it increases the change that it’ll be picked up in the roadmap by XWiki core committers.

The roadmap process is described here:


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