Issues when importing confluence to xwiki

I have imported set of confluence pages to xwiki using Filter Streams Converter Application and Confluence XML. Pages were imported fine. But I see a few issues.

  1. Hyperlink within the page are not imported properly. It is using the Id macro and it is expecting the attribute name to be set.
    Invalid macro parameters used for the “id” macro. Cause: [Property [name] mandatory]. Click on this message for details.
  2. When pages have hyperlinks to each other, they are not migrated properly. They still refer to the old confluence site.


Hi Ganesh. You could check existing issues at Loading... and see if your issues are reported already. If not, feel free to open some new jiras with explanations on how to reproduce (if you can provide input data it would be great).


Thanks @vmassol Will check the existing issues.